Giving Back

Encouragement from a few wonderful teachers made my life so much richer as a child.  I was a super shy kid. Doodling & story making helped me cope & try to make sense of things I didn't understand.  It was always a safe place to hang out & imagine new possibilities.  It gave me hope, built my creative confidence & nurtured my resilience.  I want to pass it on. I believe if we share our creativity with kids, we can empower them to change the world.  

If you would like to co-create a STEAM workshop, book launch maker event or early literacy initiative, drop me a note, I'd love to hear what you're working on.

Workshops & School Visits

New York

Make A New Story, New York French American School, New York City

Zine Making With Kids, UPtown Studio, NYC

STEAM Story Making With Kids Using Digital Tools,  The Brooklyn Public Library, Inanimate Alice & Mozilla, Brooklyn, NY


New England

Zine Making With Kids, Hinge Gallery, Portland, Maine

Book Making With Kids to accompany the exihibit, Coliding Rhythms, The Art of Picture Books, Hinge Gallery, Portland, Maine

How To Make A Picture Book, Josiah Quincy Elementary School (+ other fun schools in & around Boston), South Boston, MA

Community Book Making, Project Hope, homeless shelter, Dorchester, MA

Community Book Making to accompany the exhibit, "I Can Do It!", Fuller Art Museum, Brockton, MA


Early Literacy Initiatives

Early Reading Initiative,  New York Cares, New York City

Born To Read Literacy Initiative, Maine Humanities Council, Portland, Maine

Raising Readers Literacy Initiative, The Libra Foundation & Candlewick Press

Reading & Art Making With Kids, Sommerville homeless shelter, Sommerville, MA