Rain Song

Written By Lezlie Evans & Illustrated By Cynthia Jabar

Falls a raindrop it goes plip plop coming faster drip drop, drip drop

Building in excitement like a summer storm, this playful picture book invites readers to join two young girls as they celebrate the weather. Moving indoors to watch from a safe distance, the children marvel at the thunder and lightning and beat sandbox-bucket "drums" to the rhythm of the rain. When the danger passes, they don yellow raincoats and red galoshes to go out and play in the puddles. The boundless energy of the simple rhyming verse is matched by the childlike watercolor illustrations, which capture the magic of the rain and the delight in the children's faces. Readers who might be frightened of storms will notice that one of the two girls is apprehensive at first, but that the enthusiasm of her friend is reassuring and infectious. Keep this joyful title on hand for reading aloud on stormy days.

  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0439135109
  • ISBN-13: 978-0439135108



A perfect read aloud in any weather.


Evans makes a cheery picture book debut with this rhyming, rhythmic celebration of rain. Two girls are splashing in a tiny backyard pool when they notice signs of an approaching storm: "Falls a raindrop/ it goes plip plop/ coming faster/ drip drop, drip drop/ pitter pit pat/ splitter split splat/.../ safe inside, we'll watch the rain." Reminiscent of John Archambault and Bill Martin Jr.'s spirited verses, Evans's poem never falters nor loses its tone of playful insouciance. Jabar's trademark smiley-face illustrations pack plenty of action as the girls huddle inside watching the rain, then enter into the spirit of the storm by beating sandbox-bucket "drums" to the rhythm of the rain. When the danger passes, they run outside in their yellow slickers and "red galoshes/ squishy squashes." This zesty description of a romping, stomping storm will make a rainy day seem like a pleasure. Ages 4-8.
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Ages 3-6. A playful rhyming poem and energetic, lighthearted illustrations show two girls relishing the delights of a rainstorm. From the first "distant rumblings" to the "lightning's flashing / big boom bashing," the kids wallow in the physical sounds and movements, whether they're cozy indoors or "puddle kicking / raindrop licking" in their galoshes after the rain. Fun to read aloud and laugh away a fear of storms. Hazel Rochman