How To Make a Zine

Making a zine is a great way to get kids to open up & express themselves. It’s a safe place to explore what’s going on in the world, ask questions and tell personal stories.

Start with a topical, relevant question, some visual resource inspiration and let their imaginations go. I’m always amazed at the level of creativity and awareness kids possess.

What You Need To Make A Simple 1 Page Zine

  • scissors or an xacto blade

  • paper to download & print this zine template here

  • markers or crayons for doodling


1.  Fold the page into 8 equal parts.

2.  Cut along the dotted line.

3.  Stand the page up the long way and hold on to the top right & top left corners.

4.  Now move them toward the middle.  It can be a bit tricky at fiirst but keep trying & follow the page numbers as guides.  When you get it right it will fold into a little 6 page zine.


You made your first zine.  What does it look like, what did you say?

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