“deep emotional resonance” - Publishers Weekly


Picture Book Biography

"Bravery," says Cynthia Jabar, " is a trait which I have always tried to strive for and which I admire immensely in people."  After majoring in Biology at Simmons College, she was brave enough to try being an artist instead- rekindling a passion she traces back to the fourth grade, when her teacher asked the class to make a big book of illustrated poems. 

The erstwhile scientist turned her focus to studying illustration at Rhode Island School of Design and the history of the book at the University of Iowa, courses that "remain lasting influences."  And that influence paid off: now the illustrator of more than 20 books for children and the author of three, Cynthia Jabar produces work that Publishers Weekly has praised as "sophisticated, sassy, and spirited."

Cynthia licenses pattern & character design for activity books, games, stickers, greeting cards & storytelling craft kits.

She lives in New York City where she enjoys hanging out with family, doodling in the park & #STEAM story making with underserved children in NYC schools.


Picture Book Reviews

“deep emotional resonance” - Publishers Weekly

“positive girl power attitude” - School Library Journal

“fun-filled” - Booklist

“packed with child appeal” - School Library Journal


Picture Book Awards

American Booksellers 'Pick of the Lists,' Parent's Choice Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, Bank Street Best Children's Book Award + Various Publisher's Weekly Starred Reviews




Candlewick Press

One Frog Sang, written by Shirley Parenteau, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

How Many, How Many, How Many, written by Rick Walton, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

No Hickory, No Dickory, No Dock, written by John Agard & Grace Nichols, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

The Big Meow, written by Elizabeth Spires, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Raising Readers, A Treasury Of Tales From Maine

Raising Readers, A Collection Of  Stories From Maine

Math's Together, An Anthology of Math Concepts

Farrar, Straus & Giroux

The Sound of Day, The Sound of Night, written by Mary O'Neill, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Grace For An Island Meal, written by Rachel Field, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Harper Collins Publishers

The Scrubbly Bubbly Car Wash, written by Irene O'Garden, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar


Tally O'Malley, written by Stuart Murphy, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar, Mathstart Series: Tallying, NCTM Standards: Communication, Numbers & Operations, Problem Solving

Game Time! written by Stuart Murphy, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar, Mathstart Series: Level 3, Time, NCTM Standards: Communication, Measurements

The Sundae Scoop, written by Stuart Murphy, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar, Mathstart Series 2: Combinational, NCTM Standards: Algebra, Connections, Data Analysis

The Greatest Gymnast Of All, written by Stuart Murphy, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar, Mathstart Series:Opposites, NCTM Standards: Communication, Geometry

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Rain Song, written by Lezlie Evans, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Snow Dance, written by Lezlie Evans, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

WOW! It Sure Is Good To Be You, written & illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Wont You Come & Play With Me? written by Mary Lee Donovan, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Girl Power 5 Minute Stories, Anthology

Little Brown & Company

Party Day! written & illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Bored Blue! Think What You can Do, written & illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Alice Ann Gets Ready For School, written & illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Shimmy Sake Earthquake Don't Forget To Dance Poems collected & illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

A Girls Guide To Life written by Catherine Dee & illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Scholastic Paperbacks

The Frog Who Wanted To Be A Singer, written by Linda Goss & illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

One Frog Sang, written by Shirley Parenteau & illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Rain Song, written by Lezlie Evans, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar

Snow Dance, written by Lezlie Evans, illustrated by Cynthia Jabar