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#Maker Notes

Welcome to my Make & Doodle Zine (aka pages from my #NYC life)

My name is Cynthia, I've been making picture books & play things for kids a long ass time. LOL. I'm blessed & lucky & I swear.

This is where I get to make stuff just for the love of it and share it with other like minded makers interested in creating & waking up a kinder world.

Thank You.

Yas. I'm sending out some kindness masquerading as post cards. 

I want to start making cards for people again. Saying thank you - because everyone deserves one. Even you know who.

I'll unplug the digital noise and chill. Doodle.

Sit. Make. 

Then send out some kindness.

Play with Stories.

I share books, zines & story pages on Instagram. Come visit.  

What new story do we need to tell or hear? How can we inspire ourselves & our kids to be the story of creating a sustainable life and possibly world?

I know 1 thing for sure, playing together, being kind and listening is a start.

Waking up in NYC, join me.