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Welcome to my NYC studio. What are you making?



My name is Cynthia, I make picture books & play things with & for kids. I also tinker with circuitry & #steAm storytelling because I believe kids need to be able to tell stories with technology - not just consume them.

Welcome to my MAKE & DOODLE ZINE, my new passion project this year! 

What are you making? ; )

Make #zines.

Wanna make a zine?

Cool. Making zines is relatively easy and fun to do with a group of kids or friends. It's a good place to start #steam storytelling too because you can add a digital layer to your stories.

Zines can be about anything at all. The weirder the better. Discover zine weirdness, then make your own & share it: #ZINES. 

Have fun zinesters! Unleash your weirdness!

Let's #chill out.

Mindfulness & Kids

We all need more unplugged time, right?

My inquiry for 2017: how can I create a more mindful sustainable life for me & my family without being a pain in the ass? LOL.

My answers so far: by chilling out & making stories together offline. By playing more.

That's why I made these journals & zines. 

#SteAm storytelling with kids.

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